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What does ‘Professional’ look like? Part 2

My recent blog questioning what the term ‘professional’ meant to the School Business Manager (here) produced some interesting conversation, making me feel like a journey to clarify some questions, opinions and thinking might be valuable. 1. Pay We are quite eloquent when it comes to our pay scale and there seem to be two camps. One… Continue reading What does ‘Professional’ look like? Part 2

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I want to go Global!

You know you’ve had some effective professional development when you are still mulling the event over in your head well over a week later, knowing that you have already implemented some of the “quick wins” into your own practice and thinking about who might work with you to implement some of the more complex suggestions.… Continue reading I want to go Global!

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Reach for the Stars

I'm not good with 'No'. I'm the girl whose broken arm was fixed into a full length bent plaster cast at age 7 and who still insisted on playing handstands in the school playground. I'm the lady who, after the rather tricky delivery of a (weighty) baby girl, requiring 'ear 'ole to breakfast time' stitches,… Continue reading Reach for the Stars

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It’s all about the Journey

I tweeted a few weeks ago that walking with dogs reminds me that it is the journey that is important, not the destination. Of course, the dogs I walk with don't want to get home, they would stay out all day, running through the fields, jumping in the puddles, swimming in the river and generally… Continue reading It’s all about the Journey

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Eat, Sleep, SBM, Repeat.

I was reminded this morning by an SBL colleague of a move in an old computer game I used to play whereby I eventually discovered that the only way to win the level was to wait until every enemy was practically on top of you and then hit it with everything you had in a… Continue reading Eat, Sleep, SBM, Repeat.

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What’s your lanyard flair?

I'm not a great one for ID lanyard flair. I'm not the fun, zany type that likes lots of badges and buttons declaring my favourite 70's album, my membership of CND, my nationality or even my love of the smiley, but I think the two badges I do wear say a lot about me. The… Continue reading What’s your lanyard flair?

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Yeah right, Confucius.

OK, so Confucius knew a thing or two (as well as having a top notch minute-taker recording everything he said) but I have to pick him up on this one. I love my job, I make no secret of that, but I certainly feel like I've worked today. I've had a typical SBM day. Morning… Continue reading Yeah right, Confucius.