The Joy of Building

I grew up on a building site. But if you're thinking heras fencing and 'keep out' signs you'd be totally wrong. My parents moved out west to a small town in the mid-70s. I was an adventurous but clumsy oaf of a child and bought with me a broken arm that the doctors had deemed... Continue Reading →

Election Madness!

This election is making me mad! That's it. I could stop there but a) it wouldn't be much of a blog and b) I'd like to explain further, if you'll join me. The first reason is because I live in a very solidly blue area. My old Dad, who stood in a couple of general... Continue Reading →

Supporting Support

A few years ago a new member of senior teaching staff mentioned to me that we seemed to have "rather a lot" of administrative staff. Now I was minded to instantly disagree as we had pared back to what I considered to be the absolute minimum, we'd lost a few staff that hadn't been replaced... Continue Reading →

One small voice

You may have gathered yesterday that I was very excited to have attended the SBM Roundtable event in Camelot (sorry Birmingham - I can't suppress the fantasy/fiction/ myth lover in me). However, in the cold light of a new morning, after my brain has had chance to sort out and reflect on all the information... Continue Reading →

The SBM Roundtable

I won't lie, my head is literally buzzing from my first "round table" of SBMs event held in Birmingham today. The opportunity to talk about the election manifestos and future policy making was just too great a draw and something I've wanted to be more involved in for a long time. So I threw my... Continue Reading →

Trust is not a control

Let me ask you..."Do you trust me?" A simple question to which the answer, especially if asked by someone perceived to be in a position of authority, is invariably a hesitant 'yes', (although usually tempered by a sudden overwhelming feeling of insecurity.) Don't. I'll be the first one to stand up and tell you that... Continue Reading →

Hooray for Eurovision!

I look forward every year to tonight because one of my earliest and happiest memories is of the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1980 my maternal grandparents came to stay this weekend. They didn't live too far away so their staying over was an unusual treat. To me, a growing child, they were respected adults, distant... Continue Reading →

The truth is out there.

I sometimes liken School Business offices to a black hole. They sit, in the far reaches of a galaxy, minding their own business, sucking everything in the vicinity into an endless void going who knows where, perhaps, i like to think, efficiently delivering them into another time dimension or parallel universe? Curious observers, remaining at... Continue Reading →

No, no and…umm…no

When I started on my SBM journey all those years ago, I received two pieces of sage advice. The first one, "don't always be the one that is saying no", I'll admit now, I haven't managed. I try very hard to accommodate as many requests as I can but it is just not possible to... Continue Reading →

Is it our democracy that is fake?

One of my favourite television programmes is the American show Madam Secretary. (I blame Dallas - it's a hard habit to break.) Apart from the fact that I love strong female characters (Jane Tennyson, Ellen Ripley, Lara Croft etc) I enjoy the premise of the story in that Elizabeth McCord is not a politician, but... Continue Reading →

Am I a Leader or a Manager?

I completed my DSBM in 2007 and, as well as some useful strategic tools to take to my role, it gave me a taste for learning that has only recently been suppressed by the sheer workload involved in my current job. My youngest son, in his last year of university, occasionally allows me discuss his... Continue Reading →

Give me Music, not Politics

I read a tweet recently suggesting that politics should be compulsory in schools in the same way that RE is. I don't agree with this sentiment and I'll tell you why. I do not believe that RE is just about teaching "religions of the world" but that it should be about encouraging young people to... Continue Reading →

We SBMs are used to dealing with cannon fire.

It seems 2017 has more to throw at us with the news yesterday of a snap general election that, it is widely considered, will be approved in Parliament today. My first thoughts are not “Will income tax rise?” “Will they fix the pot hole in my road?” “Will they bring back fox hunting?” (All major... Continue Reading →

This is their Generation 

I won't lie. February has been a challenging month. I always hesitate to use the word "stressful" because it is as much my responsibility as anyones to make sure that my job isn't detrimental to my health! Hence the recent failing in my 2017 resolution to maintain a blog. However, don't look back, look forward,... Continue Reading →

We’re running on vapours Mav

Top Gun...hang on let me take a moment...OK. It's interesting to note that Goose doesn't actually say this often used "quote" from Top Gun. He does say; 'We've got no fuel for this', 'We're low on gas' and 'We're on vapour', but no matter, all four apply to current education funding. Basically, we are running... Continue Reading →

Who will rescue Education?

The Red Cross are in the news this week reporting that the NHS is at crisis point and that they are assisting in the effort to get as many people safely through the winter as possible. This makes me wonder who is going to rescue Education when it gets to its inevitable tipping point from... Continue Reading →

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