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Keep Blogging – The world is listening

It's exciting that so many more SBL’s are catching the “blog-bug” this year and I am really enjoying their SBL stories, experience and challenges. Blogging is such a good way for us all to share best practice, as well as being an excellent wellbeing tool, but one of the drawbacks is that it is hard… Continue reading Keep Blogging – The world is listening


To the British People on Brexit.

I've always fancied myself in the role of political speech-writer so here, for fun, is my first attempt.. We, your democratically elected government, have for the past two years worked to fulfil your request to investigate the possibility and advantages of leaving the European Union. We have researched, negotiated and scrutinised every aspect of the… Continue reading To the British People on Brexit.

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My holiday reminder to Remain

I've written once before about 'Brexit' but having just returned from a cycling holiday in Belgium and The Netherlands, I'm unashamedly inspired to write again. I should start by admitting I was horrified on the day following the referendum in June 2016 when it became clear that the Leave campaign, with their dubious promises, half-truths… Continue reading My holiday reminder to Remain


The Country Diary of a Modern Mrs.

I don't think it is until you get out and walk a local route most days for a year that you appreciate the changing seasons. I've been taking photographs throughout the year as I've been out, in all weathers, with the dogs, (when my phone hasn't been 'running on vapours Mav' due to my recently… Continue reading The Country Diary of a Modern Mrs.

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Idyll Interrupted

During the summer of 2017, as a lifelong Agatha Christie fan, I challenged myself to write my first crime fiction story in the form of a weekly blog. It became a massive undertaking, mostly because I made all the obvious mistakes and learned as I went along, but at the end of the six weeks… Continue reading Idyll Interrupted


What makes a great puddle?

I do like a decent puddle. On a wet round-the-fields walk with the dogs this morning, as my brain and body relaxed after the challenges of the working week, my thoughts turned away from budget, HR, leaky roofs and GDPR, and my attention turned to that all-important question, what actually makes a great puddle? So,… Continue reading What makes a great puddle?

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Some people are on the pitch…

Taking Jack back to University this weekend was, for me, officially the end of Christmas. That voice in my head keeps saying. "Back to your lives people, nothing to see here now". The tree has been dismantled and is back in the loft, the wreath has been removed from the door and I'm taking one for the team by polishing… Continue reading Some people are on the pitch…