I’ve been a School Business Manager (SBM) in the UK Secondary Sector for 15 years.

There is so much change happening in Education this year, both nationally and in my own Multi Academy Trust, that I wanted to make sure I recorded it by starting a blog – and I love it!

I’ve made so many new friends and new opportunities have arisen which I wouldn’t have dreamed of. I love the sharing and collaboration that continues to grow in schools this year and I’m enjoying recounting my experiences, both good and bad.

Please do share and comment so that we can grow our support and experiences to other SBMs around the country (and the world) – though it isn’t always about work!

One more thing…when I first started I decided to remain anonymous because this blog was for me and my wellbeing. I don’t want anything I might say to reflect badly on my school. All views are my own, of course and I’ve changed names to protect the innocent (my husband isn’t actually called Barry – but I’ve used it for 6 months now – I’m beginning to call him that at home!)

I hope you enjoy my writing – any tips, improvement suggestions and observations are most welcome. I’m constantly curious and I’m learning everyday.


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