My SBM Summer Holiday

My SBM Summer Holiday

This year my Summer Holiday project is to improve my blogging website.

Like a lot of School Business Managers, the majority of my SBM Summer Holiday is spent peacefully at work catching up on all those To-Dos. You will also know from previous years that I do like a Summer Holiday project.

It’s not that I get a lot of time off work, I have an audit in September to start preparing for. I also have school building refurbish works to oversee. It’s just that I finally get time to take a breath and do something that I want to do.

Two years ago I wrote a crime story which I’m still very proud of, even though Barry refers to it as “the pamphlet” (you can catch the first chapter of Idyll Interrupted here), and then last year I went through a bit of a cycling craze.

This year – Summer 2019

For this year’s project I have decided that I’m not going to let this new-fangled technology beat me. I’m going to learn more about the design and management of this site. Basically, my Summer Holiday project is to improve my blogging website!

With the arrogance of youth, my son Jack asked “how difficult can it be?” He then promised me he would quiz the SEO experts at work and let me know what their tips were. I haven’t heard anything back yet…

But, and this is the most exciting, the first thing I did, to show I was serious, was to upgrade my plan and I now get to enjoy two half hour sessions with a WordPress expert!

What do I want from this?

In preparation for my first session, I’ve done some hard thinking about what I want to get out of this;

  1. A user-friendly platform to share interesting content on the joys and pitfalls of being a School Business Manager. There are lots of places to get technical advice, policy templates, strategic ideas and professional standards advice (the first place I’d go is to ISBL). I want this site to share how it “feels” to be a School Business Manager or whatever you call yourself in your setting. Why do we all love it so much? This is a tough job and I think we need to do it together.
  2. I don’t want the site to just be about me and Anna. I’d like to share other SBM bloggers content too. (If they’ll let me!) There are a growing number of brilliant, fun and informative blogs out there and I’d love to signpost visitors to practitioners who have specific skills. So the website has got to be able to do that too.
  3. Well-being. It’s always about well-being. Yours and mine. To achieve that the site has to be easy to access, navigate and engaging!
  4. I want to know how to make sure it is easy to find. What tags should I be using? How do I make the most of the categories? Do images improve SEO? How does it all link up? How can I assess what works and what doesn’t so that I am learning as I go along?
  5. Lastly, and being honest here, I want to extend my reach. I’ve been dabbling with blogging for over two years and I want to up my game!
It’s not all bad

I’ve had some successful posts. My one about ping pong balls is the most consistently viewed (and especially popular in Asia). It is closely followed by Truths and Myths! But I’ve also had some unpopular posts. I need to knuckle down and spend some time giving the SBM blog reader what they want.

So, come back in a few weeks to see what has changed. If you are a School Business Manager Blogger, I’d love for you to send me one of your posts to start this platform?

I’m feeling rather nervous but…I’ve got this!

Thank you

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  1. How about utilising the TES forum and getting them to set one up for the School Business Management workforce. It is also anonymous.

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