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Let it Snow!

I’ve been up since just before 6am this morning when I was woken by a bus company telephoning to ask me if the school would be open today as his drivers were setting off shortly.

Although I’m not generally known as a morning person, (even the dogs have learned to keep their distance and maintain an atmosphere of quiet and calm – at least until I’m dressed), I managed to give a polite response and promised to call them back as soon as possible.

I haven’t stopped since.

My day has been a round of managing people, comms (and buses), trying to ascertain which of the many weather forecasters are accurate and which are away with the fairies,  trying to work out how (why) neighbouring schools are opening, supporting the decision of our guru caretaker (who, I’ve come to the conclusion, is actually the most accurate forecaster of weather, pipe bursting, boiler failure, plague, armageddon etc.), rescheduling meetings, completing “snow-day-or-no-I’ve-got-to-finish-this” tasks, making a new to-do list (of issues that have come to light because of the snow) and, on being informed that I couldn’t cancel a huge bakery delivery, deciding staff will have to eat it on Monday morning!

I’m ready for a lie down.

A snow day is a true test of the SBL skill in handling conflicting demands and prioritising. I’m thinking of making it an interview test…

In your pyjamas and before you’ve had coffee, can you do this, this, this and this, can you check that and please can you make sure the other is done.

OK. (I think). Which one is the priority?

I know, of course, that they all have to be done within that very short window between deciding to close the school because the site isn’t safe, and everyone setting off from home.

So, after 2 hours of frenzy, at 8am, I was still in my pyjamas but I was happy in the knowledge that everyone in my school community had probably gone back to bed…except the caretaker who was sending me beautiful snowy photographs of the site…and me.

Could everyone at my school please not eat breakfast at home on Monday morning?

Happy weekend!

PS Would you credit it?! There are 3 space bins in that photo – they are like Daleks!

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