To the British People on Brexit.

I’ve always fancied myself in the role of political speech-writer so here, for fun, is my first attempt..

We, your democratically elected government, have for the past two years worked to fulfil your request to investigate the possibility and advantages of leaving the European Union.

We have researched, negotiated and scrutinised every aspect of the process in a manner that was objective, positive and far-reaching in regard to our current economy, culture, borders and policy, alongside the short and long term futures of our proud nation.

We have, by necessity and at the request of the British people, triggered the separation protocols in order to demonstrate to the European Community that we were serious about leaving. Our rhetoric and debate with world leaders has always been in order to secure the best deal possible for the United Kingdom.

At all times, we have worked to give the British peoples, at home and abroad, as well as the leaders of other nations, the assurance that our intentions were positive and proactive.

However, as a result of all the work we have done over the last two years, we have come to the conclusion that to leave the European Union would be detrimental to nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives in the United Kingdom and we can see no long term advantages to leaving.

Quite the reverse.

The European Union is a strong, diverse, co-operative body working together for the benefit and support of its nations in free movement, fair trade and consistent rights

We have come to believe that any benefit of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union would only be realised by other world super powers who see the strength and future potential in growth of the Union as a threat to their own economies.

We also now believe that to continue to be part of the decision making processes of the European Union will mean we can add our significant voice to shape its policy, laws and trajectory and make changes, that we know you wish for, from within.

We have listened to and acted on behalf of you, the British people, upholding the very cornerstones of the democratic process while we journeyed along this path together. We have met with opposition and we have disagreed, but our aim was always to look at the possibilities and advantages and act in the best interests of our nation.

Following this conclusion and after much discussion and debate, we can announce today that we have taken the decision to withdraw our request to leave the European Union believing that we can continue to work effectively with our neighbours with whom we share a long history of co-operation and, it must be said, conflict.

Putting the past behind us, we look forward to working with our fellow European Union countries on a platform of mutual respect, shared values and collaboration, to provide for a long, prosperous and world-competing economic future for us all.

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