Term’s up

There is nothing quite like sitting in the hairdressers on a rainy Saturday morning with your hair covered in chemicals, the sound of a hairdryer in the background blowing warm air, general hub-bub chat and laughter, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

This is my one luxury and I love the feeling of complete relaxation, from sitting in that comfortable chair to be pampered, that makes crawling out of bed so early on a day off completely worthwhile.

Yes, I could go somewhere less expensive.

With my SBL hat on I know I couldn’t justify this particular service provider to another one just round the corner. But this is my preferred supplier and I’m sticking to it! It’s friendly, popular, vibrant and capable with lots of little personal touches that reassure you that they know what they are doing here.

So, following white paste application, I’m left alone for 30 minutes while the chemicals take effect. What to do? I could read the magazines, but actually I’m not that interested in what “celebrities” are doing today. I could stare out the window and watch the world go by (hoping no one who knows me walks by) or I could (and do) scroll through EduTwitter and see what’s going on in my world.

Easter Saturday is clearly a quiet day.

Probably because we are all so exhausted. It’s been a long haul from January and I have really been feeling the stress over the last couple of weeks. I’ve literally dragged myself to the Easter Holiday, hoping it isn’t clocked that I’m not my usual positive self, that my make-up has fought (and lost) the battle to cover the bags under my eyes, and that I avoid anything that might result in my welling up, such as goodbyes and thank you’s!

(Note to self: Do not allow the Clerk to Trustees to arrange a meeting in the last week of term again, I just didn’t have the energy for cross examination and I let myself down)

But, I can now put a terrible term behind me and resolve to learn and grow. I will rest, regroup, reflect and do better.

Times up…let’s wash this gunk off and make my hair beautiful.

Happy Holidays x

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