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So here’s the thing: Twitter is so positive, motivating, shout out like but actually what about when we just have a bad day. Who posts about that? I’m all for sharing leadership vulnerabilities … I had a terrible day last week, I was exhausted by it, this job is hard sometimes

@miss_downes tweeted the above this week and it made me stop and think. What do we do when we’ve had a bad day? I tend to retreat into some mind numbing tv and an early duvet. Some (I guess) might talk it through with partners, some might hit the gin or chocolate in an effort to ‘reward’ themselves for getting through a tough week. It started me wondering if, perhaps, joining our small Friday night voices together into one loud-hailer is the answer?

The thing is she’s right, this job is hard. Not only the responsibility, conflicting demands and workload, but also the sheer and constant pressure that comes from not having enough income to give our pupils and students the educational experience we would wish them to have.

And the hard reality of not being able to do anything material about it.

So, in an effort to demonstrate clearly to the outside world how Education Funding cuts are really effecting front line services, what if we start to shout about it with a post describing what we couldn’t afford this week, or what we had to say ‘no’ to?

This might drown out the diversionary spin about funds being spent on inflated salaries and show the cuts that we, real and caring School leaders, teachers and support staff, have to make each and every day.

#thisweeksno (? perhaps someone could come up with a suitable hashtag – I accept my limitations)

I’ll go first…

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