Clocking off on a Friday

On leaving work today I stopped dead, in horror, just outside Main Reception, at the travesty that is… an abandoned sour cherry!

I considered my options.

The question of whether it was edible genuinely flashed through my mind but of course it is highly inappropriate for a lady of my age and discernible character to pick up a discarded sweet and pop it in her mouth while no one is looking, however much she might want to. So instead I pulled my mobile out of my handbag and took a photograph.

I then immediately forwarded it to my children to ask their view.

My son, Pie, quite rightly pointed out that it wasn’t the best type of sour cherry (that accolade is very obviously retained for the sour cherries that you find in the cinema pick and mix – especially, incidentally, those that have been hanging about in the plastic dispenser for some time as they are the most satisfactorily chewy) but nevertheless it was a shocking example of waste, not to mention litter.

MJ sent a couple of 😂😂, I accept she is busy at the moment reporting on the newsworthy goings-on in Wolverhampton.

Pie informed me that the only sweets that should be left on the floor are Parma Violets. In his opinion the accidental dropping of any other sweet treat should qualify for an extensively extended five second rule and be punishable by a whole (old) term of detentions.

Having just come out of detention myself when I discovered the discarded treasure, I tend to agree.

Health and Safety advice

I was reminded of one small piece of advice during my Managing Health and Safety training. If you take photographs as part of an incident or accident investigation, the authorities can confiscate your phone as evidence and you might never get it back, so always use a camera that you don’t mind losing, like that one the AHT keeps ‘safely’ locked away in his office drawer (and is consequently rarely used!)

You will be relieved to hear that, following some deliberation with myself, I decided to allow the local squirrels and seagulls to squabble over the sour cherry.

Leave it for the Caretaker

In truth I suspect the Caretaker will come across it later, pick it up and place it carefully in his pocket in case any member of staff should need it sometime in the future. I can think of a long list of uses he might find for a sticky jelly sweet.

Happy Weekend Everyone.

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