The Country Diary of a Modern Mrs.

I don’t think it is until you get out and walk a local route most days for a year that you appreciate the changing seasons. I’ve been taking photographs throughout the year as I’ve been out, in all weathers, with the dogs, (when my phone hasn’t been ‘running on vapours Mav’ due to my recently acquired habit of scrolling through Twitter) so I thought I’d share them with you.

You don’t need four-legged poo machines in order to enjoy outdoors in either the town or the countryside. Just a sturdy pair of wellies, a modicum of sense-of-direction and a desire for freedom…View from the ‘top’ (OK it’s not that high). Look…there’s my house…there…behind that one…can’t you see it?

Spring, and billowing cow parsley is abundant. (Violet sat still for a millisecond).As is Rape as far as the eye can see (not sure why the foreground field is fallow – but hey I’m not a farmer).

Summer and meadow flowers are everywhere…

Daisies…Poppies…Dog Rose…People I love mucking about in the stream and trying to avoid the leeches – who’s waving back?…Round the corner and look at the view. (You need to zoom in to see the full effect)

Following in a King’s (or Queen’s) footsteps. (It’s called “Monarchs Way” – it doesn’t say which one – perhaps Elizabeth brings the corgis down here)

I don’t seem to have many Autumn photos, maybe because I’m head down against the weather, or maybe because I’m busy foraging berries for JP’s rugby smoothies. This stone is interesting though…brings out the frustrated archaeologist in me.And in February, just when you think the landscape couldn’t be anymore desolate, you round the field boundary and find this.

Lastly, this is where I like to park my bum when I’ve had an idea for a blog.

Get out and enjoy it everyone. See you out there. (I’m the one in yellow wellies)

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