Idyll Interrupted

During the summer of 2017, as a lifelong Agatha Christie fan, I challenged myself to write my first crime fiction story in the form of a weekly blog. It became a massive undertaking, mostly because I made all the obvious mistakes and learned as I went along, but at the end of the six weeks I had a story. Over the next two months I went back over it adding an authors point of view, and it turned from rather fluffy crime fiction into something much darker.

I soon learned that planning was vital!

Writing it was the easy bit.

On completion, I made a commitment that all profits from the sale of the book would go to my school as we have a serious roof and windows issue in our Edwardian buildings. However, I soon discovered that books don’t sell themselves and that I would have to put myself and the book,”out there”.

So in 2018, with changes to the school increasing the urgency of capital improvements, I’m embarking on some unashamed hard sell.

Please read the excerpt below and follow the links to Amazon if you can, it is available on Kindle or paperback. It is a good story and a small cost, but buying a copy will help an underfunded school massively.

Also, I’d be grateful if you feel able to share this with others and let me know if you have any comments or advice.

Thank you so much.

Edie xx

The water was cold and Anna was annoyed to find the warm gentle lapping of the shallows had deceived her. By the time she’d waded up to her thighs she realised she was either going to have to dive in or head back to the shore. “You OK?” Robert was beside her in the water. Anna nodded and launched herself under the water.

“Next time, I’m bringing a surf suit.” She gasped on surfacing, trying to block out the cold and keep moving, they started to swim. Robert maintained an even pace alongside her, matching her crawl stroke with very little effort and slicing efficiently through the water with long tan arms. As they swam farther out, Anna slowly became aware that Robert seemed to be swimming closer to her, every time her face turned towards him he met her eyes and Anna could feel herself becoming anxious at his proximity. His body’s rhythm appeared to be locked in synchronisation with hers as if watching and waiting for an opportune moment to strike her. His eyes bored intensely into hers, he looked desperate, almost wild. Panic started to rise in her chest and the tightness gripped inside her, interrupting her own rhythm and making breathing difficult. In an effort to keep calm, Anna concentrated on swimming off to one side, trying to put at least an arms length of distance between herself and this man.

As if to compensate, Robert manoeuvred even closer to her. At every arm stroke Anna’s fear grew, aware that if he locked his arm over hers he could pull her under the surface without any difficulty. She had nothing with which to defend herself and started to contemplate whether stopping dead in the water and turning back to the shore would give Robert the opportunity he was looking for. Anna looked behind her, the shore wasn’t so far away, she turned in an arc away from Robert who continued to keep pace. “I’m going back.” Anna knew that her terror was causing her to flail ineffectively in the water and she was splashing like a frightened child. Seawater was going up her nose causing her to splutter the acrid salt taste as it went down her throat. Her arms and legs burned in protest at the demands she was making on them and her brain seemed to disconnect from her limbs. She could feel herself sinking in the water…

Please follow the links below to the whole story. These are the UK links but if you search ‘Idyll Interrupted’ into your local site, you’ll likely find it there too.

Idyll Interrupted – Paperback

Idyll Interrupted – Kindle

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