Goodbye January

I haven’t enjoyed January 2018. There are numerous reasons for this which, if you will indulge me for just a minute, I will list below;

  1. I’m too heavy, very few of my clothes fit me and I’ve got no energy. I know exactly what the problem is, and what I should be doing about it, but it is a vicious cycle of stress, insomnia, over-eating and lethargy. You will appreciate that, as an SBM with a standing desk, I’m not totally sedentary. I am able to hot-foot it across the site without the need for oxygen at the other end, but a quick trot round the pavements with the dogs after work does not count as exercise in my book.

Violet and Dash after the kind of walk they enjoy!

2. It’s too dark. I’m a June baby. I crave sunshine and warmth. I’m also not a lover of the dark and was always a ‘bedroom-door-open-landing-light-on’ kid. (In my defence, our stairs were pine and creaked horribly as the temperature dropped when the heating went off at night!) As a consequence, I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning and I’d rather just curl up on the sofa after work. I’ve always thought it would be great to be able to work with my circadian rhythm and hibernate in January but I can’t imagine that going down well with the Boss!

3. Too many deadlines. This year, January has been full of deadlines. AAR and Annex G (for SBM readers), birthdays (which I love obviously, but requires additional organisation and planning) and tax returns (Barry’s not mine). They all add to the pressure that is January.

So, I’m now looking forward to February. It starts with a trip to Manchester to visit Pie and take in EdExec live. I can’t wait. Then it’s half term – an opportunity to clear my desk and catch up on back-log. Later in the month, I have an appointment with a consultant who is going to decide whether he should remove my gall-bladder. (Of course, he may have already decided – I’m not sure, the letter was vague). On top of that I have an interesting project at work with a March 1st deadline to keep me busy (more deadlines – occupational hazard!)

In February, the mornings become lighter and I can take the dogs into the fields for a jog round without risk of losing them or me! Bulbs start to sprout which always encourages me into the garden, I don’t feel quite so lethargic and I’m more inclined to eat salad.

Spring, light, warmth and ‘new’ all start to appear and I guess I just feel…better.

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  1. I love it when you see the bulbs and plants start to sprout. February half term is always the fresh hope for the new year beginning!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. As much as the cold, dark months get me down I can’t help but wonder if they help us to appreciate summer more. I’ve already noticed some daffodils sprouting so fingers crossed they’ll all be out soon!

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