If (for the SBL)

Originally by Rudyard Kipling

If you can remain calm when all about you are frantic at the end of term,

And off-loading on to you.

If you can build a budget that seeks to spend all your funding and not a penny more,

But still allow for contingency too.

If you can listen and not be weary of listening,

Or being under valued, still value all others,

Or being busy, still have time to offer support,

And yet don’t take credit or shine too bright.

If you can risk assess the smallest hazard with the same formality as disaster,

And identify that safety net for fun.

If you can find the solution to that most tricky of problem,

And pretend like the answer was easily found,

Or was there all along.

If you can understand, train, advise and counsel all stakeholders equally and without hurry,

But still find a moment to plaster a knee, pick up litter and resolve worry.

If you can find that receipt, write that cheque or count that float today,

Even though you would have wished for notice,

Just an advance say.

If you can adhere to deadlines imposed upon you,

But allow deadlines you impose to pass,

And, even then, give more time.

If you can perform a miracle to replace that boiler and still have money left for the as yet undefined.

If you can do all this and all the while maintain your smile,

Yours is the School and all that is in it.

And what is more – my friend – you’ll be a School Business Leader.

Wishing all my blog and Twitter friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. You’ve been a wonderful source of support and inspiration in 2017. Thank you so much.


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