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If you’ve been following my blog over this year, you’ll have noticed that, despite my intention to produce a work and business related blog on a par with the responsibilities and professionalism required of being a School Business Manager, my writing has evolved to be quite ‘light-hearted’.

I think this is because I’m putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) to give my brain a break and relieve some of the stress of the everyday. It wouldn’t make sense to spend my evenings or precious weekend struggling with something that doesn’t inspire me or come naturally.

Blog advisers tell me I should consider the needs of my readers when I am planning posts. I should monitor statistics, schedule posts and glean information from the comments and likes. I’ve tried hard to do this but I’m still at the stage of being excited that my views are in double figures for the day as I marvel that someone in Uruguay has just trawled through my back catalogue.

And I’m not doing this to grow a blog for its own sake. I’m doing this because I’m enjoying the writing and learning a new skill. I’m enjoying the new friends I’m making, engaging with them on social media, and I’m very much enjoying reading about their view of the world from every corner of the planet.

So, should I be making an effort to write more seriously or should I leave this to my much more capable and eloquent blogging SBM colleagues and accept that I am more in the “light entertainment” genre? Should I be trying to demonstrate my prowess at Finance Directorship, justifying my appointment to the role and lighting a path for others to follow? Would my readers occasionally like me to post something a bit more informative, developmental, intelligent…highbrow?

Or do they, actually, just want to be entertained? Do they want to be whisked away from the school life nonsense, the Mount Everest to-do pile and the covering someone else’s duty on a rainy day, with a few words that raise a smile and a positive message of “you’ve got this.”

Because, to me, positivity comes (95% of the time) naturally. The desire to support others comes naturally. Problem solving comes naturally. Writing comes naturally but blowing my own trumpet most definitely does not. I find it hard to keep saying “read my blog” but I need to keep challenging the process and myself to get better, otherwise, I begin to wonder…what’s the point?

So I will be working towards a serious post over the next few weeks. Just to prove to myself that I can. If you could just do your part and avoid reading it please, then I can go back to my usual blogs of musings, stories and support, wrapped up in a smile.

While we’re talking of challenge, one more thing. At the beginning of this summer I excitedly agreed to facilitate a workshop at an event aimed at SBM’s. I can do this (I thought) but as the date draws closer I will admit that panic is beginning to set in. Not that this will make any difference to my taking part (we SBM’s are completely fearless by necessity) but if you happen to be sat in front of a quivering jelly sometime soon, please do reach out a hand to steady me. That is all I’ll need.

Thank you x

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  1. Don’t get too serious. The reason I read your blogs is because they are light hearted and I can relate to them doing the same job. I don’t want to listen to a “show off”. I’m just amazed that you find the time and energy to produce the blogs in the first place.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. I don’t think there is any danger of me getting too serious and I’m always aware that my readers already know how to do their job. Have a good day.

  2. I think your blogs are great. We all need a bit of light hearted humour to get us through so please don’t change too much.

  3. It’s the light heartedness that is so great. We all need that sort of release or we wouldn’t be able to function with our demanding roles. I love your blog the way it is!

    1. Thank you so much. I enjoy writing it. I suspect that even if I try to write seriously I will still revert to type and style. I think in our job keeping our sense of humour is so important.

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