It’s been a rubbish week. I’ve lurched from sadness, mild panic, anger, annoyance, exhaustion and resignation, through to the pleasure of a birthday in my fabulous team. I’ve used absolutely every tool in my stress busting toolbox in an effort to hold myself together and I’ve avoided anyone who might ask how I am, as they might not like the answer!

Anyway, tonight I searched “Uplifting” on WordPress, hoping for a motivational blog to rouse my spirits, but no. Nothing of any use. So I thought I’d write what I need to hear and I hope if you’re looking to be uplifted, it gets you there too.

Here goes…

A lot has happened this week and it is your resilience that has seen you through. Remember that nothing has been world-ending, everything will be resolved and everyone has their health.

What you need to do is concentrate on one thing at a time, tick each thing off your to-do list systematically and in priority order. You know you can do that, you’ve done it many times before.

Don’t listen to the negativity of others. That is none of your concern. This feeling is fleeting. You will come out the other side, stronger, braver, more resilient, prepared and able.

Think of all the wonderful things in your life, your family, your friends, your home, walks through autumn leaves and cosy evenings curled up under a blanket.

Keep the faith in your ongoing ability to juggle your life and prioritise the things that are the most important to you.

Look after you.

You’ve got this.


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