Let’s look at Digital Marketing

It was pointed out to me yesterday by a very knowledgeable friend that I am not, actually, ‘learning to write’ as I so often say on this blog. No, he said, you have your focus all wrong. What you are learning about is digital marketing. It came as a bit of a revelation.

He explained, “You’ve have been learning to write since your ‘Watch With Mother’ days and I would hope that you have learnt a thing too in those, ahem, 40 odd years.”

Incidentally, the photograph is of me and my beautiful Mother. Sadly, both my sisters picked up my Mother’s beautiful genes and I’ve had to make do with looking like my Dad. ┬áHe’d say, “Never mind, into every life a little rain must fall.”

Back to my observant friend. He continued to enlighten me by explaining that I have a “product” (this blog) and a “market” (you, and your ilk, niche maybe but positive and loyal). What I need to concentrate on is; encouraging you to keep coming back for more, getting you to tell your mates about my blog (that old ‘word of mouth’ chestnut), accessing those in the niche that, as yet, haven’t realised the benefits of reading my blog, and also work on finding new (linked) markets.

He noticed that I was looking aghast and was pleased to throw my usual Coldplay sing-song quote back at me, “Nobody said it was easy.” To which the response has to be; “No one ever said it would be this hard.”

“Oh, Take me back to the start.”

Of course he is right. I’ve had some wonderful comments and feedback telling me how I need to improve my tags and SEO, how I need to add email subscription, how I need to try to reach a wider market by using other social media platforms than just Twitter, and how I need to monitor what my readers respond to and give them more of the same.

My blogging mentor has been fantastic in assisting me every step of the way this year and being very patient with my numpty questions, but I realise now that growing this blog beyond its current reach is going to need a different kind of approach.

So, before I embark upon my new found direction of travel, if you wouldn’t mind, could you please take a moment to comment on this blog post? What would you like to read about? Which has been your favourite post? Would you rather see a more ‘highbrow’ approach? What is your experience of digital marketing and do you have any nuggets to share?

If you are already a reader, please take the plunge and follow my site. I’m off now to google the heck out of this subject so that I can take my learning to a new level. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Thank you so much for being here. Your support is hugely appreciated. We will always be able to say that we were here together at the start…

I’ve got this.


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