Yeah right, Confucius.

OK, so Confucius knew a thing or two (as well as having a top notch minute-taker recording everything he said) but I have to pick him up on this one.

I love my job, I make no secret of that, but I certainly feel like I’ve worked today.

I’ve had a typical SBM day. Morning briefing, a hundred emails, hot-foot it across the site to investigate a potential intruder, standing strategy meeting with the Boss, analysis of the MATs income for the year, interview a Cover Supervisor candidate, ONS survey completion, researching a major activity provider, three and a half hours SLT, offload rant to Barry on phone, home, tea, blog, collapse in bed, sleep…repeat.

It is a fallacy that anyone could possibly love their job each and everyday and I defy anyone to tell me that they do. They’re lying. Whether you are Tom Cruise’s assistant (even I can accept…there are days he is going to annoy you), a zookeeper, archaeologist or lead singer with The Bangles, there are days when you are just not going to be feeling it. Days when the slightest thing will make you want to down tools. Days when the slightest detrimental comment can turn you into a ferocious harpy.

That was me today.

But I kept going as usual, tried not to say anything that was unprofessional or could be misconstrued, and I managed to make it through the day.

By tomorrow I’ll be fine. Ready to start another day of challenge, variety, demands and positive thinking. Because I do believe in something else that Confucius said…

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

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