The Search for…an SBM logo

You will know that I’ve been looking for a suitable logo or avatar to represent my blogging and Twitter alter-ego. So having finally found it I thought I would explain how I got there. (Apologies for the unrelated photograph above, I am unable to let such an obvious link pass me by…)

The first question to address, eight months into this work-related-but-in-my-own-time activity was, “do I still want to be anonymous?” A recent article I wrote in my own name, that had to go through four levels of approval (and inevitable tweaking by each) gave me a resounding answer!

Don’t get me wrong. I do not resent this. My employer has a reputation to protect, I’m not employed for my blogging skills (luckily!) and I’m a bit of an unknown quantity in this area. After nearly seven years I think they are aware that I am fiercely loyal and while I have told the Boss about my blog I don’t believe he has ever read it. (I watched the stats carefully looking out for his unusual holiday destination.)

So back to the logo. Having recently been through the process with experts for a new MAT logo, I had picked up a few tips;

1. Don’t make it too busy, simplicity is often key.

2. It doesn’t have to be hit-you-over-the-head obvious. In fact, those that make the reader think or look more closely are doing the job.

3. Think about what the colours will say.

4. Know your media. Something that looks fantastic on headed paper might not translate to a website.

5. Choose letters and words carefully. Do you even need them?

You will know that I started with inspirational women. I blogged about fictional characters in Branding Anonymity and I also thought about real life people. It seemed ridiculous to use someone else’s face. Barry suggested I use a photo of him. Err…no thank you (as lovely as you are).

So I started looking at other company logos to think about what works (for me) and what doesn’t.

Finally, I put together a list of what the logo might want to “say” in its representation of the role of a School Business Manager. Here is my list;

1. The variety of roles and skills required to fulfill the role

2. Holding business functions together as one

3. Communication

4. People focused

5. Team work

6. Problem solving/Solution oriented

After trawling through pages and pages of online pictures I finally found the one for me in a corner of a sheet of many others from a free provider.

The only question now was what to place in the middle? I’ve written before about my SBM/SBL dilemma in Am I a leader or a manager? My MAT title is FD (and I said I would only call myself that if I was actually a Director). In the eyes of the ESFA I’m a CFO. Call me old school but I like the generic title SBM. I think it also means something to my readership. Whatever we might call ourselves we identify with the acronym, so I’ll stick with it and see where life takes me. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oh, in case you were wondering, they found Spock too.

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