Yes, I can be REALLY annoying!

What with the Budget Forecast return due next week – please tell me why the deadline is set a week after the Accounting Officer has gone on holiday? – and my ongoing campaign, alongside many in the country, to bang on about equal funding in schools, I’m feeling a bit frazzled.

I know that there are only a few more days to go, and I know my colleagues are also feeling the pressure, but there is just so much to do in these last few days. So many loose ends to tie up, reports to complete and decisions to make on what is happening over the summer. At times like these I am grateful that I accepted a long time ago that I work during the summer break and, as a consequence,  I don’t feel the pressure quite so keenly. While everyone else is flying on the ceiling, trying to complete everything on their end of term to-do list, I am serenely floating around… “yes, yes, I’ll do that next week” (I know it’s annoying but I have to get my own back somehow!)

Who am I kidding?

One of the drawbacks of SBMship is that I so often rely on input from one or more other members of staff to complete my own to-do list. I may spend an inordinate amount of time buried in the Finance Office, but I don’t work in splendid isolation.

Where does the Head of Art actually want me to put her new furniture being delivered over the summer? Who is going to be around to open up for the window cleaner? (inside and out at this time of year!) Can I get away without talking the Accounting Officer through the Budget return? (most definitely not!) Who is going to wrap up all these gifts in my office? Will I be here on Tuesday week so you can pop in? (Yes) Who will answer the telephone on exam results days? (Guess)

So you see, I might look serene, I might tell you I have ‘next week’ (and enjoy winding you up), I might look like have the time to nip into town to buy those last few leavers gifts, but I’m actually under as much pressure as you.

I’ve just learned to mask it so well that you can’t tell – and, as an added bonus for me, I can enjoy knowing that it really bugs you!

We’re nearly there! Happy Holidays everyone!

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