Blogging for Funds – can it be done?

I blog for 4 reasons;

1. to relieve the challenge buildup of my working day. 

2. To record 2017 (not sure what I’m going to do on Dec 31 yet)

3. To entertain myself and (hopefully) others.

4. To get my head around Twitter

So, in doing this for 6 months, I’ve attracted followers in the guise of blogging experts who are keen to advise me on how to improve my blog and take it to the next level. It is all very interesting and it seems to me that my blogging learning curve has got to include an investigation into whether I could make a few bob for my school out of this (what can I say? I need the money – my shopping list includes part funding a MUGA, a mezzanine floor in the library, refurbishment of a beautiful Edwardian red brick technical school that amalgamated with us in the early 1960’s, and the demolition of several HORSAs)

So, I’m told one can make money out of a blog. OK, how? By (it seems) starting to ‘work it baby’ and sell stuff. 

So, I’ve decided to give it a try, starting with something that I genuinely believe in as a product for schools, that is very dear to my heart, with whom I have no conflict of interest, and that you would have to go some distance to persuade me to change…SAGE 200 

SAGE and I have been friends all my adult life. I started out in small business accounts, got my head round the business industry standard accounting package and never looked back. 

So when a job came up at a school that I knew had always used SAGE (albeit a completely worn out DOS based version) I applied and here I am. 

On conversion to Academy status all those moons ago, we looked at other accounts package solutions, but my business brain said no. I am a business leader, why would I want anything else but a market front runner? (and I felt at the time that all the others were disrespectfully expensive as well.)

So we upgraded to windows SAGE 200 and I embraced the system I know and love. When we converted to a MAT our SAGE provider (the biggest one I gather) bought a solution to the table and we successfully upgraded again (though I have a sneaky suspicion I’m akin to a beta tester for the add-ons, the fact that the system is updated every time we make a suggestion is a bit of a giveaway! – look, not only am I advocating this system, I’m helping develop it for you as well!)

But the main reason I like SAGE 200 is that it lets me be in control. It treats me like a business leader; it doesn’t try to do everything for me (but actually not), it doesn’t try to justify costing me an arm and a leg (it just doesn’t);  it is so widely known you can ask your accountant mate in the pub a question and he’ll know what you’re talking about; it just gets on with the job and it has everything you need. It is user friendly, it has the ability to give you some spectacular reporting functionality and, because it doesn’t try to pretend a school is anything other than a business, it is going to give you a solid transferable skill. 

All it asks of me is that I bring a modicum of accounting nonce to the table, a little bit of free thinking and a hard core understanding of double entry book-keeping, TB, P&L and BS (I’m not a qualified accountant).

I would recommend that every school big or small, MAT, SUA or Maintained, tried it out and see how it fits for you. I could even recommend an excellent service partner…

Please just tell them I sent you?

What do you think SAGE? 2% of converted sales? Am I going to get my MUGA anytime soon?

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