I want to be a Ginger Nut.

One of the things I find hard about being a blog writer is that there are many other bloggers out there writing similar stuff to me and, more often than not, setting their thoughts out in a more experienced and coherent way. (Yes, you know who you are.)

This could, of course, make me feel inadequate, imperfect and valueless. I could decide that, actually, someone else is already doing this much better than I can, so I’ll just stop, give up, concede defeat.
But then I remember that if everyone did that there is a lot in my life that I wouldn’t have. My Dyson for instance. Hoover had cornered the market to such an extent that their trade name became the generic name for that important piece of equipment Barry wields so well. Dyson came along and blew the whole market out of the water.

Dairy Milk is another example, as Fry’s were the first maker of the chocolate bar in the UK. And what about my car, my phone, my kettle? In fact, most of the stuff I own was produced by one of many competitors in its own marketplace and bought at a similarly competitive retail outlet, not directly from the someone who originally invented the product.

So where am I going with this?

Basically, my business training gives me the strength to know that my blog might be small but it is valuable (if only to me currently) and I won’t give up on it because I understand that there is room online for one more.

I may not be the most eloquent and I may not be the most knowledgeable. My post timing might not be very consistent and my subject matter is, let’s be honest here, all over the shop. But I’m learning, I’m enjoying it and I’ve found things to talk about that are being read by a slowly increasing number of people.

I’m not expecting to make groundbreaking changes, nor am I expecting to provide earth-shattering content, I just aspire to be the Ginger Nut of the blogging world, (enjoyed, but not as popular as the Chocolate Digestive) and I would just like to think that sometime soon I’ll write something that inspires, reassures or entertains my reader so that they go into work with a spring in their step and that positive mental attitude we all wish we could maintain 24/7.

Perhaps you could let me know?

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