Pickled eggs is grounds for divorce

The time has arrived. Like I knew it inevitably would. I am starting this blog without any idea in my head of what it’s going to be about. I’ll decide on the title at the end.

I have so much swirling around my head this evening that it is difficult to produce much in the way of coherent thought. Perhaps if I list them here I can tease an interesting subject out…

The MAT budget

I’ve worked with the schools and got their budgets approved, all that is left is to join it all together, along with the central allocation budget, and it’ll be ready for Trustees. Then I will prepare to embark on deciphering the ESFA budget return again so that I can hit the deadline of 31st July.

At this time of year I always take a moment to thank my old monitoring system as it is relatively easy to manipulate into what the ESFA wants as well as providing suitable out-turns for Governors and SLT. It also doubles as a fantastic modelling tool so I can tell you instantly how much of an impact a p/t M6 is going to have on the budget in 2023!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream needs a backdrop

I’ve been hassling the Drama teacher to produce an outdoor Shakespeare play in our new amphitheatre (which sounds very grand, and is also a misnomer the Latin teacher tells me as it is not a complete circle – think large sunny patio with steep semi circular steps to sit on.) Anyway he has consented (and roped a few willing KS3 in) but the massive Dining Hall window will need covering with a curtain so I’ve agreed to get my sewing machine out!! The things I get myself into…

It’s spending fury time again.

At this time of year we close down purchasing (or rather we tell everyone we have – of course if they need something we’ll accommodate them – I’ve been doing my current role for 6 years and you’d think someone would twig that we don’t actually close down!) All the budget holders frantically try to spend their budget by my “deadline” for fear I’ll take it away (I’ve never done that either!)

Pickled Onions

Having known Barry for 30 years it has just come to my attention this evening that he likes pickled onions! Yuk! I’ve made it quite clear that pickled eggs is grounds for divorce!

So that is four big things going on. I’ve also got website design, prospectus photography, other budgets modelling, a new building that got planning permission last week, grant evaluation returns and electricity that won’t go where I want it to (my senior caretaker eventually resorted to drawing me a diagram this afternoon). All with a month left until the summer break.

Sometimes I wonder who would be an SBM…you’re right, I love it!

P.S. And see? The title found itself!

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