Election Madness!

This election is making me mad!

That’s it. I could stop there but a) it wouldn’t be much of a blog and b) I’d like to explain further, if you’ll join me.
The first reason is because I live in a very solidly blue area. My old Dad, who stood in a couple of general elections himself, used to say that you could put a monkey in a blue rosette in our town and the faithful would still vote Tory. Every election, the local party will minibus their voters to the polling station from the sheltered accommodation, old folks homes and Agricultural College where they happily cast their vote, their mission in life complete. I have to admire the fact that, around here, the Conservatives know how to win.

But this means in reality that I can’t compete, it doesn’t matter who I vote for, I have no voice. Even in 1997 (when I had the privilege of being at the count when the Tories were routed nationally) they hung on in my constituency. It makes me feel that all that hard won suffrage was for nought. What I think doesn’t matter.

My second reason for being mad is that this election, its rhetoric, manifestos and debate, has been so…bland. Nobody is saying anything and what they are saying is so obviously to divert my attention away from the real issues. What I want to know is how the next Government is going to fund and improve education, health, social care and policing, but they don’t have the answers or anything resembling numbers. So we go round and round quibbling about free school meals (which I will bet won’t be changed) and who is the “party of taxation”, while we avoid talking about the disaster that is Brexit.

Politics for me has become so jaded. Has it always been like this? I feel like I am being treated like a small child who won’t understand important grown-up stuff. I have to try and read between the lines of the media who are are so manipulated, (or should that be manipulating?) because they are not telling me anything straight and, in all honesty, I’m struggling to believe anything that anyone says.

Of course, wild horses won’t keep me away from that polling booth on 8 June and I don’t believe in spoiling the ballot. I am lucky to live in a democracy and I’m damn well going to exercise my right to vote, even though I know that the local chap I would like to represent me won’t get in and I’ll be stuck with the choice of the “blue rinse brigade” yet again. ┬áMaybe one day the system will change. Maybe one day pigs will fly.

Happy voting on Thursday everyone.

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