The Joy of Building

I grew up on a building site. But if you're thinking heras fencing and 'keep out' signs you'd be totally wrong. My parents moved out west to a small town in the mid-70s. I was an adventurous but clumsy oaf of a child and bought with me a broken arm that the doctors had deemed... Continue Reading →

Election Madness!

This election is making me mad! That's it. I could stop there but a) it wouldn't be much of a blog and b) I'd like to explain further, if you'll join me. The first reason is because I live in a very solidly blue area. My old Dad, who stood in a couple of general... Continue Reading →

Supporting Support

A few years ago a new member of senior teaching staff mentioned to me that we seemed to have "rather a lot" of administrative staff. Now I was minded to instantly disagree as we had pared back to what I considered to be the absolute minimum, we'd lost a few staff that hadn't been replaced... Continue Reading →

Blog advice from someone who knows very little!

I was asked last week if I had any tips for starting a blog. My immediate reaction was “Heaven’s no, I’ve only been doing it a few months myself and I have to keep asking my own Blog Mentor what everything means.” However, on reflection, I must surely have learned something along the way, so... Continue Reading →

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