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You may have gathered yesterday that I was very excited to have attended the SBM Roundtable event in Camelot (sorry Birmingham – I can’t suppress the fantasy/fiction/ myth lover in me). However, in the cold light of a new morning, after my brain has had chance to sort out and reflect on all the information stored, my emotion changes from ‘excited’ to ‘inspired’ to ‘did-I-really-tell-the-CEO-of-NASBM-what-was-wrong-with-the-funding-formula-like-he-didn’t-already-know?” and lastly to a typical SBM response of ‘so let’s get on and do something’.

I make no apologies that yesterday’s blog was an ebullient telling of what was discussed at the event. Thankfully, @shropshiresbm then posted something much more coherent and professional for everyone, containing suitable links to further reading (I have a lot to learn). SBMRT17

It is clear to me that the message to come out of yesterday is that we need a metaphorical ‘call to arms’ of school leaders across the nation. We need the professional bodies, the protest groups, Headteachers and SBMs to unite in one voice behind the one and only issue.


We need to stop allowing the message to be diluted with diversionary tactics by just (in accepted political fashion) ignoring them totally, and we need to lobby and harangue until the real issue is addressed.

A few months ago, I wouldn’t have known where to start but after yesterday I am convinced that we all need to find a way, however small, to add our own voice to the rising chorus that is out there. We can do this on social media sites; at SLT meetings and staff meetings; at our local collaborative groups; by writing ‘Mr Angry’ style letters to our PPCs, MPs, professional bodies, local papers, national papers etc. etc.

And I think the question has got to be;

“What are you doing to ensure that children of the future are not educationally disadvantaged just because of where they live”

This isn’t an election issue. It is a problem that will have a significant effect of the delivery of education (and the economy) in the UK in both the short and long term and there isn’t a quick fix.

We need a steady rebalancing of per pupil funding over, in all likelihood, 10-15 years but we have got to start NOW and we need to do it TOGETHER.

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