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One small voice

You may have gathered yesterday that I was very excited to have attended the SBM Roundtable event in Camelot (sorry Birmingham - I can't suppress the fantasy/fiction/ myth lover in me). However, in the cold light of a new morning, after my brain has had chance to sort out and reflect on all the information… Continue reading One small voice

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The SBM Roundtable

I won't lie, my head is literally buzzing from my first "round table" of SBMs event held in Birmingham today. The opportunity to talk about the election manifestos and future policy making was just too great a draw and something I've wanted to be more involved in for a long time. So I threw my… Continue reading The SBM Roundtable

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Are you an SBM?

Over morning coffee in the garden today Barry welcomed "Mr Robin", a frequent visitor who has been stalking us for some time. I, of course, queried why it was "Mr" Robin and discovered his belief that it was only the males with the red breast. A quick google confirmed that male and female robins are… Continue reading Are you an SBM?

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Fear is not an option

A young colleague came to talk to me today to express how frightened she was by the terrible attack in Manchester and it struck me that this was her first adult experience of an attack of this magnitude on home soil. She was scared for herself, her own children and the school; she needed reassurance… Continue reading Fear is not an option

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How does Value Chain work in School?

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable evening playing with Michael Porter's Value Chain (and my colouring pencils - I'm finding it difficult to suppress that creative urge at the moment!) I've always maintained that there are very few business theories that can't be applied to schools just by swapping profit for results. It is important… Continue reading How does Value Chain work in School?

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Hope is not a strategy

Good SBMs, in my experience, are strategic animals. We don't hope that act vs bud will match at the end of the year, we set up a detailed forecasting analysis system that will allow us to closely monitor income and expenditure and report differences (I hate surprises). We don't hope that a key member of… Continue reading Hope is not a strategy

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Luck is not a factor

As a new user of Twitter I've been rather dismayed by conversations around reports of numerous SBMs leaving the profession due to isolation, pressures of work and an increasingly challenging role in schools. I don't know why I'm surprised by this because half way through my own career I seriously considered abandoning the role of… Continue reading Luck is not a factor